Dear all,

Welcome to my club. A club where we believe in the philosophy that fashion and style should be easy, stylish and fun. Our name stems from the common expression ‘No Sweat’ which perfectly captures everything this brand is about.

“If you say that something is ‘No Sweat’, you’re suggesting that it won’t be too difficult or cause problems…”

Our aim here is to let you worry less about what to wear while making sure you still look stylish and comfortable. All of our products can, and should, be worn together and matched endlessly. Our basic athleisure wear creates that coveted effortless look when worn solo and when paired with our classic and luxury jewellery pieces. It’s the laidback yet elevated style I’m always drawn to.

Growing up in the Swedish countryside I learned to love nature, so our pieces are all organically inspired by the natural world. Our jewellery collections are shaped by the natural forms found in the great outdoors; in the forrest or by the sea, and our athleisure wear is the prefect companion for a hike.

Much love xx

 Gabriella Lundgren, Founder and Designer